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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Season has started!

Hi guys!

Finally we have entered spring fishing season for real. Today we welcomed about 30 anglers and many of them are out on the water in the same moment as I write this post. This weekend our fishing guests is representing Sweden, Denmark and Poland.

Currently the weather situation offer our guests bright sun, low winds and about normal water level. We're going to have a bit more wind later on this weekend and I really think that it's well needed to experience good fishing. Anyhow, it will be very interesting to see what the first official opening weekend will give us.

Last weekend me and Andreas went to the Sportfishing fair in Jönköping for three days. Together with other sportfishing companies from Blekinge we promoted our camps in the booth of the organisation Visit Blekinge. Very fun days with a new visitor record of 14.752 over the three days. Great interest in fishing and it's always so nice to meet all like-minded anglers out there for a chat. In our booth this year we also had company of a semi-finalist in this years episode of Swedish Masterchef, Patrik Trydefeldt. He cooked extraordinary small dishes for us and all the other visitors. A great addition to the whole experience for sure!

My friend Philip from Stinger Productions made a nice video from the fair. Check it out!

Earlier this week I went out for a half day trip on my own. Low winds, sun and a bit low water level. For sure not the best conditions but why not try it out! I went out about 09:00 and tried an area where I know big fish is around. I spent most of my time this day drifting in the same area and I caught six pikes with a top fish of 93cm and two more of more than +85cm. Not to bad but not very good either. Simply a nice session on the water!

Tomorrow is my first guided trip of this season. Let's see what we can find during our half day trip!

// Daniel Wickman

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Promising future

Hi fellow readers,

Last few days I've had friends visiting me for some serious fishing. Therefore, it's about time to share a new catch report for you guys.

My friends Jocke and Stefan have been in Karlskrona a couple of times before but both times unlucky to have very poor conditions. Previous visits we've experienced ice in the bays and/or no winds. It showed up that this time they brought their weather karma once again.

Saturday 11th of March

Our first fishing day was for sure offering us typical "Jocke & Stefan conditions". Sparkling sun, more or less no wind and cold temperature. We tried many spots during the day but with poor activity in most areas. Actually, the night temperature was below zero for a few nights which caused a thin layer of ice in the bays again. This didn't help us out.

We continued to new areas in the afternoon and finally found some fish when the water temperature raised a couple degrees. Fortunately, I managed to catch a very nice lady of 103cm which striked hard over 1,5m of depth. Great fish which made our day a bit more pleasant when it comes to results. In total we only caught nine pikes this day.

Sunday 12th of March

When our alarm screamed at 7am we didn't beleive our eyes. The outside temperature showed -3,7 degrees and we could see from our windows that ice was covering the harbour in Karlskrona and by that also several bays. We decided to snooze for a bit and went out on the water about 9.30am instead. By this time the outside temperature was now up to +3 degrees and a little bit wind from east started to slightly move the water. For sure once again not the easiest conditions.

We decided to go far east this day to a big bay where the ice hopefully didn't cover the water. After a 35 minute boat ride we reached our first spot and discovered four other boats nearby who obviously had the same thinking this day. About 20% of the bay was covered by a thin layer of ice but we still gave it a try. During the first 30 minutes of fishing we didn't have a single contact. After some more time we went in to try the very shallow parts of the bay where the water depth wasn't more than 0,5m. This was a good decision since the first pikes was caught. Not big ones, but still the important first pikes of the day.

Obviously, we didn't find any big fish in the shallow bay so I decided to go to a new area after lunch. After some driving we was at our second spot of the day and this place looked much better. Slightly more wind at this site and we started in about 1,3m of depth. Very soon we caught the first fish in this area and many more was about to be caught upcoming hours. Several times we had double strikes and at one occasion all of us was fighting a fish at the same time. Successful lures was small soft baits such as Pig Shad Jr, Renz-Stein Beastly shad, Shadteez 16cm.

Later in the afternoon the wind stopped again but the pikes continued to bite in the shallow waters. At some places the water depth wasn't more than 0,4m and this gave us some fantastic visible strikes. Several times we were able to see a plow on the surface before the pikes striked our lures. Amazing!

We ended up with an impressive number of 74 pikes caught and this day I caught the biggest fish again. This lady didn't reach all the way to the meter margin but still a nice catch!

Monday 13th of March 

Our last day of fishing for this time and finally it seemed to be better conditions this day. About 3-4m/s from east, +4 degrees in the air and cloudy sky. At the first spot we had some ice but not to much. In the second cast of the day Jocke caught a +80cm pike and immediately we thought that this day was going to rock! We made more drifts in the same area and Jocke had a massive follower expected to be +110cm. Our focus was at top when we continued fishing and soon enough I had huge mouth displaying close to the boat. This is why we fish! A massive mouth visible through the water just inhaling my lure.

At first I thought that the fish was going to be very big but soon enough we could see that the pike wasn't as big as we expected. She measured under the meter margin but was of good condition so for sure a nice catch anyway! After this we caught the pikes at sporadic occasions. One fish, then nothing. Then one more fish. Then nothing.

In the afternoon we decided to go back to the same bay as where we caught many pikes the day before. It didn't take long until we increased our numbers but this time only small pikes was caught here. Still exciting and fun times! We ended up with a total of 28 pikes this day.

This week we have a few anglers coming to us for pre spawn fishing and weather conditions looks very nice. Me and my colleague Andreas will attend the Sportfishing fair in Jönköping where we will be in Visit Blekinges booth during the whole fair. So if you go there, come to see us and have a chat! :)

Thank you for reading.

// Daniel Wickman

Monday, March 6, 2017

A cold spring


A new week has begun and it's time to share a new catch report from last couple of days. March is here and normally this is the month of the year when a lot of big fish is caught before their spawning begins. Therefore I take every chance that I get to hit the water in the hunt for those big mamas.

During Saturday I went out together with my girlfriend Sarah. After some struggle with the boat battery we went out about 9:30. The wind direction had completely turned around to be very low E/NE. For sure not easy conditions and pikes wasn't active at all during the first hours. At lunch time we only had two pikes in the boat of small size. We tried several areas previously proven to be good but without success. In the early afternoon we decided to try one or two last stops before heading back and this was a good decision!

In just an hour we went up to 17 pikes in the boat with a top fish of 91cm. Rain started to pour down and not very pleasant weather to be out on the water with just about 4-5 degrees in the air. This made us go back with a good ending.

Yesterday I had a scheduled trip with Philip from Stinger Productions and also local angler Albin. We decided to try a bit further west this day and we did so in very strong winds. About 13m/s N/NE in average and up to 21m/s in squalls, about 3 degrees in the air and dropping to 0 later in the afternoon. These conditions for sure requires passion for fishing, because it was really tough!

We started drifting over 1,5-2,0m of depth and it took just a few minutes until Philip was hooked up with the first fish of the day. Albin wasn't late with his reply and a nice and fat 91cm pike was successfully landed. A good start for sure! Fishing continued to be very good during the first couple of hours and many pikes was caught. Albin was on fire during the first hours and landed another 91cm fish before lunch. When we decided to try new areas fishing got slow and we only caught one or two pikes in several hours around lunch time. Fortunately, fishing got a bit better when we tried a new area and it didn't take long until I was hooked up with a good fish.

At first we thought that the fish was about 85cm so we didn't prepare the net. When the pike showed up by the boat we realized that the fish was bigger than we expected. In the boat we measured the fish to be just under the meter margin but still a good fish for sure!

Rain was falling down during the afternoon but soon enough temperature dropped and snow was hitting our faces like small needles. We continued and got soaking wet before we ended up about 16:00. We reached a total of 41 pikes which must be considered to be pretty good for a day with the conditions we had.

Upcoming weekend I will spend three days with friends on the water. The hunt for a pike above the magic mark continues!

Thank you for reading.

// Daniel Wickman

Monday, February 27, 2017

Good start!

Hi guys!

A new week is here and therefore time for a catch report. Last couple of days I've been fishing my first days of this year. Saturday was spent alone and at first I thought that fishing was going to be very poor. When I woke up at 7am the outside temperature was -6,5°C which is the lowest temperature for several weeks. Anyway, I fixed some breakfast and hot coffee to bring on the water and got ready to go.

First drift in a big bay didn't give anything at all. But in my second drift I caught the first fish which measured 93cm. A fat fish and a good start! I continued in the same area but with not much of activity. After a few hours I decided to go back to the first place since I knew that big fish is most probably around. Obviously I was right since a nice fish of 106cm decided to eat my Steinfish rubber bait from Renzstein lures, motoroil colour. I managed to take a couple of pictures before she went back to the water again. Great with a meter plus pike on the first day of fishing for this year!

I was fishing for approx 6 hours but the activity was continuously low. In total I caught 8 pikes but I was satisfied anyway. Yesterday I was accompanied by Philip from Stinger Productions. Earlier last week he managed to catch a 107cm pike so both of us knew where to look for the fish. This day we had clouds and a little bit more wind. But most important, there was a couple of degrees above zero which for sure was going to help us out.

After a few hours Philip hooked a nice fish. At first we thought 80-90cm, so I continued to fish while Philip fighted his fish. When the pike got closer to the boat we both realized that this fish was bigger than expected. Time to use the net! In the boat we measured the fish to be 103cm and success once again.

We continued to new areas but with poor activity. After lunch it took at least one hour to find any fish at all. Since we got closer to Dragsö we started to talk about trying one last place before ending up. This was for sure a good decision! In just an hour or so we (to be friendly, Philip) caught many fish and ended up with a total of 33 pikes. A great day for sure!

Now I'm really looking forward to another weekend with days to be spent on the water. Fishing is very good in Karlskrona at the moment!

// Daniel Wickman

Monday, February 20, 2017

Ice is gone!

Yes, finally! The ice has now melted and most areas is actually open at the moment. Day temperatures reach up to 6 degrees and last few days even night temperature has been plus degrees. Water temperature is very cold though, about 0,1-1 degree.

It's going to be very windy this week which will force the last ice away. Unfortunately, it seems like we're going to get cold nights again in the end of this week which probably will cause ice in covered bays. Next week looks better again so maybe we see the end of winter right now.

Since the water is opening up now we will be able to drop in our first boats shortly. Our official season start is still 23rd of March and during the opening week we already have about 35 anglers coming to us. Great interest for pre-spawn fishing! There is still a few cabins and boats available for our opening weekend so if you want to experience the hunt for fat spring mamas, this is the right time.

At the moment we work to prepare the camp for a new fishing season. We have loaded our stock with many lures in the reception, we have replaced eigth engines on the boats to brand new ones, installed a new boat jetty on the west side (Dragsö bay) which will be available later this year for our guests. We've also installed a Minn Kota I-pilot engine on our guide boat (finally!). New modern TVs installed in all Exclusive package cabins. This is just a few of the upgrades.

Our new sportfishing brochure arrived today and it's by far the best edition we've ever made. Get your sample at Sportfiskemässan, Jönköping or when you come here to Dragsö. Pike fishing interviews with the winners of the last two years of Sportfish Masters - How are these guys thinking to reach success in their fishing? Find out their secrets in our brochure!

Hopefully, I might get out on the water upcoming weekend if the ice don't mess up my plans. So stay tuned for a report in the beginning of next week.

Thank you for reading.

// Daniel Wickman

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A new season is approaching

Hi guys!

It's been quite some time since my last blog post. A month long holiday is now in the past and a new season is soon about to start. At the moment we experience a new cold front which includes both snow and strong winds. It's no doubt that winter is back! The outside temperature is -2 degrees and in the upcoming nights it's going to be -6 degrees or even colder. The water is actually open but with these cold temperatures it won't take long until ice is covering the shallow bays again. As long as the forecast reach, there will be negative degrees in night time which also means that there will be poor conditions for fishing upcoming two weeks.

Our official opening date for spring fishing this season is set to 23rd of March. Nevertheless, we will be able to take earlier reservations if the weather allows. As soon as we see that temperatures reaches over freezing point in the forecast and ice is gone, we will start to drop in our boats.

Regarding the bookings for this spring, it seems like the interest for pike fishing in Karlskrona is continuously strong. Several weekends is now more or less fully booked. If you plan to visit us this spring it's definitely about time to make up your minds now to avoid disappointment. On our homepage there is a booking calendar where you can check availability and it's also possible to book your fishing trip directly on the web now.

For those of you who will visit the Swedish sportfishing fair 'Sportfiskemässan' in Jönköping 17-19th of March, please come and see us! We will be there together with several other actors from Blekinge in the Visit Blekinge booth D:170.

So for obvious reasons there will be not to many catch reports yet. But when the possibilities gets better, it won't take long until I hit the water and share my first catch report of the year. So stay tuned!

// Daniel Wickman

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Awesome Christmas fishing!

Hi guys!

I hope you had a great Christmas holiday and that you've eaten far to much food. Maybe you received some nice fishing tackle in your Christmas gifts?

Since yesterday was a day off work I decided to try my luck on the water. It's been some very windy days during Christmas, some days with wind squalls up to 24m/s. Yesterday during daytime winds went down a little bit to 8-10m/s from S/SW. Water level was good, around normal level. Cloudy with some sun coming thru at some points. For being the end of December the temperature was very high with eigth degrees. In other words perfect conditions for pike fishing!

Unfortunately, I didn't hit the water until 10:30. I decided to stay close to Dragsö this time since I didn't have to many hours to spend on fishing this day. Therefore, I picked a bay where I know a lot of breams normally gather up in winter. The colour of the water was just perfect this time. Slightly murky and about 1m of depth. I started with a SZ McPike in 25cm, red tiger colour. This showed up to be a good decision.

In my very first cast of the day I caught a very good fish. I had just tightened the line and was about to start retrieving my lure. BAM! Fish on! It felt like a good pike and for sure it was. Being alone in the boat is sometimes tricky but fortunately I had prepared my net before starting to fish. After a short fight I managed to land the fish and directly I told my self "This fish got to be 105cm, or maybe more?!".

The pike started to twist in the net and got entangled with the hooks and itself in the rubber net. I cut the hooks just to get the fish out as soon as possible. When I had the fish out of the minor chaos in the net I were almost in by a boat jetty since I was drifting. I asked a guy that was working with his boat if he could help me take a photo of the fish and so he did. I took a quick measure of the fish and it showed up to be 109cm and had a huge head. Condition was pretty good to so for sure a fish around 9,5 kilos or more. I didn't check the exact weight of this fish since she had been in the net for some time and looked a little tired. She went back very quickly though so it was a pleasure to see!

I continued fishing in the same area (obviously) and after about 15 more minutes I had another meterpike following my lure to the boat but this lady missed her attempt to strike my lure. A few minutes later I caught a small pike before I started over with a new drift. It didn't take long until I striked another beautiful big pike and this fish fighted well. Soon enough she was landed and what a success! This lady measured 107cm and pulled the scale to 9,6 kilos. I managed to take a couple of poor pictures with time lapse on my phone..

This day wasn't over yet so I made more drifts in the same area and caught a few more small pikes. Soon enough I found a big school of breams which I unfortunately hooked in their backs a handful of times. Those were some very big breams up to 5 kilos! I knew that most probably some big pikes are standing close to these breams so I dropped the anchor and casted more accurate in the area. It showed up to be a good decision. My third meterpike of the day was a fact and this lady measured in at 101cm. Huge head but a not so impressive body. She needed to eat something, that's for sure.

I went back about 14:30 with seven pikes caught and the biggest ones 109, 107, 101cm. Awesome result since I was alone and only fished for less than four hours. Best lures today was McPike 25cm red tiger, Big Mcrubber motoroil and Beastly Tail 23 in motoroil from Renz Stein lures.

Have a continuously nice Christmas holiday and I wish you all a happy new year!

// Daniel Wickman