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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Busy Busy Busy

Well there is no other word that suits better at the moment. After a long winter with ice covering our surrounding area until the beginning of April, a lot of things was to be done in short time. Most of our boats is now in the water, about three weeks after the water opened up the opportunity to do so.

Also, this year we have taken back the restaurant on Dragsö to our own management which also means we've worked a lot with renovating the whole building basically. Finally it's more or less finished and this week we started with serving lunch during Monday-Fridays. Such an improvement!

With spring finally arriving, a lot of our work days has been spent out on the camp to make everything ready for fishing season but also for camping season which has started now. Several guided trips has also been on both mine and Willyboi's schedule since ice let go, with variating results.

A short summary of the first weeks will be easy. Many nice pikes was caught during the first week of open water, and some days with very good numbers. Since then, temperatures has been going up and down very much and very fast. Almost as fast as the water level, which has been going very much up and down during the first weeks. Last ten days or so has been very tricky for fishing, since spawning is now in full progress. The first reports of after spawn pikes has already been received so most probably it might be slow a few more days before numbers go up again.

This weekend we have about 25 anglers on Dragsö. Most of them arrived today so we'll see what they can manage to catch upcoming days!

Don't forget our annual photo competition while staying at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. Send us your best pictures from your stay with us and win nice prices!

1st Price - Guided half day trip value 3800SEK
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Send your pictures to info@dragso.se and check out our Facebook page 1st of December where we announce our winners!

// Daniel Wickman

Monday, April 2, 2018

Season has started!

Finally, really. Finally we were able to start our fishing season last week. After two weeks of cancelled reservations we launched our first boats about a week ago, Saturday the 24th of March to be more precise.

During the first days of open water both me and Willy tried our luck out there several days. I managed to catch a meter pike together with Philip (Bläcksquid Inc) and Jocke (Team Svartzonker). A few days later Willy caught a nice fish just under the meter margin. Good start!

Last Thursday we welcomed about 20 anglers to Dragsö. However, they wasn't greeted with the best weather conditions. In the afternoon a snow storm visited the whole county of Blekinge. The next morning we literally had to shove loads of snow out of the boats.

Weather continued to be crazy during whole last week. One day offered sparkling sun with 7+ degrees and no wind, while the next day offered wind squalls up to 18m/s and lots of snow. Yesterday was once again a day with snow most of the day and strong winds from north.

With these facts in mind, it's easy to say that the conditions wasn't great. However, a lot of big fish was caught both by local anglers and guests staying at our camp. As far as I know, the best boat reported about more than 50 pikes in a day with a 109cm on top. But as always, results variated and some boats struggled to catch a handful of pikes in a day.

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of pictures of pikes to share this time since most ones I've seen has been seen on various private Facebook/Instagram accounts, but many meter pikes was caught in the surrounding area last week.

Thursday will be a busy day for us with almost 30 anglers coming for a weekend of fishing. Until then, we have some work to do, getting more boats ready to hit the water. And of course some time will be spent on the water as the forecast looks better later this week with expected 7-11 degrees in daytime several days.

To be back!

// Daniel Wickman

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ice ice ice

Hi guys,

By this time, I was hoping to share a catch report from Karlskrona but so far there is still ice in most areas, which have forced us to cancel last week and this weeks booked groups. Day temperatures is around 4-6 degrees while night temperatures unfortunately offers negative degrees most nights. This means the situation with ice is going very much up and down. Yesterday, people were still ice skating inside Borgmästarfjärden, which is the area between Dragsö and Karskrona city.

Earlier this week we were visited by approx 450 guests from Poland. However, they did not visit us for fishing purposes. They came here to swim in the ocean (!). So they literally had to cut up the ice with a chainsaw, and then went swimming together. Totally crazy, but for sure a funny happening!

Now we hope for warmer temperatures so we can make our boats ready and welcome our first guests of this season. We hope to launch the boats next week, but it's very hard to tell when the ice will allow us to do so.

Please ice, GO AWAY!

(Picture with swimmers from Monday, pictures below from today)

// Daniel Wickman

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Winter came back

With not more than a week left of February, we can for sure say that winter is still here. Or maybe we should say, winter came back. Since a few days back, cold temperatures is once again cooling us down. Temperatures around zero, or colder, during daytime and much colder in nighttime. Last night about -6. Next week we will have temperatures in nighttime down to -10 or even colder. Snow is continuously falling down and Karlskrona looks like a winter wonderland again.

This means, no fishing for anyone at the moment. All bays and most harbours is covered and if the forecast is right, they will be covered for at least a couple more weeks, eventually more, depending on how correct the forecast will be. Pikes can continue to enjoy their break from disturbance.

Most of our boats are ready to get wet as soon as possible. However, most probably we will have to wait until mid March. We have almost 30 anglers booked from the 15th of March. If you are one of them, please be aware that ice situation might force you to cancel or postpone the fishing trip. There is still a good selection of available dates most weekends in April and some openings during popular weekends in May as well. We will contact all guests booked in mid March at least one week prior to planed arrival if the ice still covers our surrounding waters.

As previously mentioned, we still have openings in popular weeks in May, and even more openings in April. With the current ice situation, I think and hope that pikes will be ready to dance big time this spring. Bookings can be made directly at www.dragsosportfishing.se, or info@dragso.se and by phone +46(0)455-15354

// Daniel Wickman

Monday, February 12, 2018

A new season is around the corner

It's been a long break from blog posts but slowly we're now approaching warmer months and open waters. We're not quite there yet, but hey, the one who waits for something good...

Yesterday I came back home from a long holiday break in the Philippines. Turquoise waters, sandy beaches, green palms and warm temperatures. It's for sure a big difference from Karlskrona. Currently, we have day temperatures between +2 and +4 degrees, cloudy skies and thin ice is covering most bays in the archipelago. Actually, some people were even ice skating in the bay of Dragsö a few days ago. Many nights offers temperatures below zero so it might be a week or more until the ice goes completely away.

Since the ice is covering most of the surrounding area, we have not been able to put in any boats yet. When weather allows we're more than ready to put in the boats one by one. I have a good feeling about this short(?) ice situation, I think our beloved pikes gets a well needed break from any disturbance and hopefully, pre spawn fishing will be excellent this year!

So, what's going on at Camp Dragsö at the moment? Well, some of us is working as usual in our reception. Answering emails, updating our websites and sorting out other "paper work". Some of us is working with improvements in the kiosk and restaurant building which requires a lot of our attention at the moment. It will be a great improvement when completed and even though nothing is 100% decided yet, we aim to be opened even during fishing season so our guests can enjoy good food, purchase lunch boxes to bring on the water and much more.

We'll keep our fingers crossed. Ice is soon to be gone and fishing season 2018 can start for real!

// Daniel Wickman

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas pikes

We're in the last week of the year and Christmas holiday is over. While most people gather up with family and friends over these days, some anglers (like me and Willy) tried our luck on the waters. I went out on my own on December 23rd and conditions was quite good. About 6-8m/s winds from S/SW, +7 degrees and water level about +30cm.

Fishing couldn't start any better. I had a good feeling when I casted my Steinfish in a shallow bay. I didn't take long until the first fish was hooked and for sure it was a really good fish. My new Renz-Stein Beastly Cast rod was for sure tested and the fish showed itself in the very beginning. There was no doubt that this fish reached +100cm and fortunately I had prepared my net. Soon enough she was secured and what a Christmas fish! 107cm and a weight of 9,75 kilos. Once again very close to the magic margin but still a very nice fish.

I continued to fish in shallow bays throughout the day. Within the first three hours I managed to catch a 99cm and also a 98cm fish, plus a few of small size. Since days are very short I ended about 15:00 and felt pleased with my result.

On Christmas Eve my colleague Willy went out fishing with his dad for a few hours, as they always do this special day. Obviously, the fishing Santa Claus came with a good sized pike for Willy as well. A well conditioned fish of 102cm and 8,9 kilos was caught and for sure a good start of their Christmas celebrations.

On boxing day I once again tried my luck, this time together with Philip. Weather conditions was once again good with 6-10m/s winds from S/SW for most of the day. Day temperature still high, about 7 degrees. We decided to fish in the surrounding bays close to Karlskrona City. No big pikes was seen but our amounts slowly got better and better throughout the day. We ended up with 17 pikes and at least two of them of +80cm.

Unfortunately, this was the last day of fishing for me for a while now. To be back with more reports in February.

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R!

// Daniel Wickman

Friday, December 15, 2017

Good news for Dutchies

Hi guys,

As you might know we have many guests coming from Netherlands. We know that most of them drive with private car in the night, driving through Denmark, over Öresund bridge to Malmö, and then a bit more than two more hours from Malmö to Karlskrona. A long journey for sure. From next year there is another convenient and much faster option to reach our camp.

In May 2018 there is a possibility to reach our camp by daily flights from Amsterdam to/from Växjö Småland Airport, which is located 112km from us. From the airport there is possibility to reach us either by train, taxi, rental car etc. Might be an option for those of you who plan to visit us next year!

// Daniel Wickman