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Monday, October 17, 2016

Busy days with big pikes in mind

Hi guys!

Time for a new update. Many anglers has been out on the water last couple of days. Both from us, but also anglers who have been in Karlskrona to rehearsal for Sportfish Masters final which is held Friday and Saturday this week. About 500 anglers will start from Scandic Hotel in the center of Karlskrona to compete in this years final.

What about the results then? Well, to begin with I must say that the conditions has been tough, really tough. Very strong winds from east or north-east, with squalls up to 20m/s. Upon that, the water level is and has been low. At the moment about -40cm below normal and last few days has been pretty much the same. For sure not easy conditions, but for the experienced anglers, this is also a time when the big mamas might dance. A few boats managed to find those spots where the big ladys was willing to take a dance.

Viktor and his girlfriend brought their own boat here to try the archipelago. Nothing else than a success. During Saturday, Viktor managed to catch a big and nice lady of 110cm. The fish was caught on a Nettellaken which we also sell in our reception. Great fun! In their last day yesterday, his girlfriend also managed to catch a 99cm fish. Both of these pikes were personal records so for sure a successful trip.

Last few days we've been visited by Dutch fishing agent 'Visreis'. Joris, his brother Lars, Henry and Tim tried our waters for the first time. They were mainly here to gather information and evaluate our product so it can be offered in Visreis portfolio. I must say, their results were great!

I went out with them Friday morning but fishing was quite slow. I think we ended up with ten pikes or maybe a couple more. No big ones. Still, the half day trip gave the lads an idea about where to fish and how. During Saturday and Sunday, all the lads had great results. Joris boat was up to 50 pikes yesterday, and 44 pikes the day before. In total, the four lads managed to catch 151 pikes in three days of fishing. Most of their fish was caught in shallow bays of 0,5-1,5m. I believe they're driving home with a smile on their faces today!

Local anglers are also doing well at the moment. Andreas Nilsson who makes Nilles handcrafted lures was out on a rehearsal during the weekend. They caught several big fish of 113, 106 & 102cm in the same day. Our good friend Fredrik from Renz-Stein lures also did good as his boat scored 466cm in their top 5 longest pikes of the day last Saturday. Impressive! Great results guys!

As mentioned earlier, we still have approx -40cm below normal water level. This is making the archipelago quite difficult to drive in with the boats. During last two days we have now switched seven propulse propellers for our guests. So one thing is for sure, you really need to be careful when driving out there upcoming days!

To be back with more reports later on :)

// Daniel Wickman

Thursday, October 13, 2016

In the middle of autumn season

Time for another weekend of fishing and new anglers to arrive shortly. About 30 anglers will arrive today and almost 20 more to come later this weekend.

Me myself have been of work last couple of days and spent both days on the water. The day before yesterday I went out on my own and tried my luck. Continuously, we have N-NE winds and water level is dropping slowly. For sure not the best conditions but it's always possible to catch something, right?

In total I went to seven different areas and only two of them were productive this time. Most places offered very clear waters and therefore shy pikes. When I finally found a place where water had a little bit more colour pikes started to bite immediately. It's easy for me to say that I went from zero to hero, since I managed to catch 17 pikes in the same area within a couple of hours. Top fish was 101cm and also two pikes of 92cm as the biggest ones of the day. Very dark colours of the lures was working best this day (brown or brown/gold).

Yesterday I went out again together with Anders from Daiwa. Weather was pretty much the same again with N-NE winds, cloudy and a little low water level. Of course we went back to the area where I had good fishing the day before. Water was now clear again and pikes not active at all. Only a few followers and no pikes willing to bite. We moved on further west in the archipelago and caught our first pike after a couple of hours. Not a big one but still the important first pike of the day.

We continued our hunt in several bays and tried everything from 0,3m to 2,5m but nothing worked very well. Only a handful of pikes were caught during the day and nothing bigger than 85cm. Still it was a pleasant day to be out with many jokes, laughs and testing new (and impressing!) products.

Catch reports from our guests tells me pretty much the same facts that I have experienced last couple of days. It has been difficult to find the right spots but when you do, you can have good fishing!

Upcoming two days will be spent on the water. Half day trip tomorrow with Visreis from Netherlands who will start selling our product from now and the rest of this weekend with a Swedish group.

To be back with new reports!

// Daniel Wickman

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Big pikes and windy squalls

Hi guys!

We're in the middle of a busy fishing weekend with almost 50 anglers on site at the moment. Our in house guests comes from Sweden, Poland, Denmark and Netherlands.

For almost a week now we've been having very strong winds from N/NE. Winds squalls up to 23m/s made boat driving extremely tough but the ones who tried their luck this week has been quite successful. A returning group from Denmark left us today and during their five days of fishing they caught 180 pikes.

I went out together with colleague Willy the day before yesterday and we tried for a little less than four hours before work. In total we caught 14 pikes and Willy managed to catch a fish of 104cm. Nicely done! Most fish during our trip was caught in shallow water of 1-1.5m depth.

Water temperature is dropping fast and we're now having about 9-10 degrees while a week ago the temperature was 14 degrees. This is for sure inviting the big mamas to hit shallow waters.

A couple of more pikes over the magic +100cm mark has been caught by our guests last couple of days and I guess more is to come during the day. Wind strength is now down to 7m/s in average and up to 14m/s in squalls. Still strong winds but nothing compared with last few days as the squalls reached 23m/s several days.

To be back with new reports shortly!

// Daniel Wickman

Monday, October 3, 2016

Blekinge Pike Festival & Windy days

Hi guys!

A new week is here and at the moment the camp is very quiet since most guests left us yesterday evening after Blekinge Pike Festival. During last few days we've been completely booked in our cabins so approx 100 anglers stayed here last few days.

This year, about 275 anglers started from Dragsö on Saturday morning and did so in quite good weather. Sunny with some clouds, not to cold and pretty strong winds. Day temperature was almost 18 degrees so it was for sure pleasant to be out there. Water level was just about -10cm or so which was way better than a few days earlier. Water level was going up and down a lot between -50cm and +5cm several times in just a few days. These changes are more or less never good but fortunately the water stabilized during the festival. Big fish was going to be caught but by who and how many was the question.

Well, in my boat we didn't succeed at all. Actually we only caught a handful of pikes during the day and no one with a size worth mentioning. It felt like we tried everything from shallow bays, to deeper parts of bays, to outer part of the archipelago, but also inside Borgmästarefjärden. Nothing worked but still we had a nice time. I was fishing together with Andreas and our friend Patrik, and instead of fighting big fish we ate a lot of candy and other junk to feel better :)

During the first day, a total of 17 meter pikes was caught by the 575 competitors. Top fish measured 114cm so we knew that it would be hard to catch a fish good enough for a top position during day two. Weather changed a lot and rain was pouring down early in the morning but stopped just before we started our drive in the morning.

We changed our plans and drove far east to some big bays. Unfortunately for us, fishing continued to be very slow and we didn't find what we was looking for. Only a handful of pikes were caught in our boat before lunch and no one of good size. Rain started to pour down and strong north/east winds made our day out a bit less nice.....

Back at Dragsö we heard from many of our guests that they also experienced fishing to be slow. A few boats did well though and had maybe 30 pikes or so per day in their boat. Other boats had no pikes at all per day so for sure it wasn't easy. Even though some experienced slow fishing, the final score was impressing. In total 25 pikes over +100cm was caught and the winner this time was actually two anglers who managed to catch a pike of the same length, 114cm.

Today the water level is actually +25cm and it looks like it will be high for most of this week. Normally, fishing is only getting better when the water level raises. NE winds will be present during whole week so hopefully next fishing groups that arrive on Thursday will have some great fun out there.

Today I also received a great report from my friend Philip who caught a stunning fish of 114cm and 10,26 kilos! I hope conditions continues, because then more big fish will come!

// Daniel Wickman

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Late September update and BGF coming up!

Soon it's time for one of the biggest fishing competitions in whole northern Europe, Blekinge Pike Festival.This year the competition is held during 1-2nd of October which is on Saturday and Sunday this week. As usual our camp is fully booked for this event and of course we will compete ourselves, it's definitely one of those traditions that I'm looking forward to every year. A lot of guests, friendly chats about fishing and tactics, combined with competeing and eating way to much candy and food during these days!

For being this time of the year, temperatures has been very high both in water and air but finally it seems like autumn is here to stay. Day temperatures is now somewhere around 16-18 degrees and water temp around 14.5 - 16.5 degrees. Still warmer than usual, but for sure better than about ten days ago when we had 25 degrees in air and 18-19 degrees in the water.

A few days ago another big fishing competition was held in Karlskrona. It was one of the last qualification competitions for Sportfish Masters and 63 teams competed. Biggest fish measured 112cm and a few more over the meter margin was caught by about 150 anglers during last Sunday. Me myself had a guided trip during the same day with poor result. Only five or six pikes in the boat during a half day trip but a nice bonus perch of 42cm set a little bit of a consolation for us.

Overall, I would say that fishing seems to be quite slow lately. Sure, some big fish is coming up but there is also a lot of anglers out there. Last week the best boat had 77 pikes in one day, one boat, while the biggest fish caught by our guests was 111cm. There should also be mentioned that a few boats struggled to even catch a handful of pikes in a day.

We still have some prep work to do before upcoming weekend but I think it's gonna be a good one. Very strong winds is awaited tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. I think that might be what the pikes need to get active. We'll be back with a summary and reports during upcoming weekend! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and/or our Instagram account dragsosportfishing and you'll be updated about our success (or??) in the competition!

// Daniel Wickman

Thursday, September 22, 2016

High season


So it's definitely time for a new update. Time is really flying away and we're now in high season of autumn pike fishing. At the moment we are having five groups here who has been fishing since last Saturday. Those groups still have a few days left before it's time to go back home. According to what I've heard, most of these guys have pretty good numbers but still missing that big fish that most dream of.

Today will be a busy day since nine new groups will come to us for a fishing holiday. There is also a orienteering competition this weekend so all cabins are booked for either that or fishing guests.

Last weekend we said good bye for this time to several returning guests. One group of them were Poulik and they sent me some nice pictures from their stay. They managed to catch a really nice fish of 105,5cm and also a few other quite big fish. It's very clear that guests who have visited us before uses their knowledge from previous visits and succeed better that first timers (generally).

Temperatures is finally a bit more like they should be in September. About 17 degrees in daytime and 8-11 degrees in nighttime. More and more fish are moving into shallow waters and most big pikes that are reported these days are actually caught in bays of 0,5-1,5m. It will for sure be interesting to see what upcoming weekend will bring. Forecast looks pretty good with mostly west winds of 4-6m/s in average.

Co-worker Willy went out fishing a few days ago and at their blog www.karlskronafiske.com they reported about 34 pikes caught, with top fish measuring 89cm. I actually spent my days off work this week going to Poland so no fishing for me. My batteries are loaded and can't wait to go back out there!

In the middle picture down below you can see the monster caught last week by our guest Daniel. So far the biggest fish of the autumn season by our guests as the fish measured 115cm.

To be back later this weekend with new catch reports!

// Daniel Wickman

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The light in the end of the tunnel

Well, the headline might sound a bit depressing. But actually I refer to something very positive. For pike anglers, looking at the forecast for upcoming weekend is some very welcoming reading. I know very well that it's stupid to complain about sun, heat and "nice" weather as we're soon going to have ice and darkness. But honestly, seeing the temperature dropping 4-5 degrees with start from tonight is what I and many others have been looking forward to.

As on many other places in Europe, Karlskrona has been very warm for being September with most days last week or so around 21-25 degrees. Most of these days with no wind at all and about 18 degrees in the water. For sure not the best pike fishing weather. We've had four groups here since Saturday for a week of fishing, and three more groups that left today after four days of fishing. Most groups tell about quite slow fishing but there are a few exceptions. One group that I guided during last Sunday managed to go back to one of the places where I went with them and they caught a BIG pike of 115cm. They also caught a 105cm a few days later and some +90cm samples as well. Hopefully we can share some pictures from their stay later on!

Another group from Poland left today and their biggest fish also reached the 100cm mark. Returning guests from Belgium in the company of Lemestre always catch good numbers. Maybe not record numbers this time, but still several days when I've talked to them they were up to more than 30 pikes just in the mornings each day. Will be interesting to hear what their final numbers will be when they come back from their last day of fishing which is tomorrow.

Earlier this week I went of fishing with Björn who is the man behind Nettelbaits. Very impressive lure maker. He brought me two of his "Nettellaken" soft baits and of course I tried them out. Even if the conditions were horrible with no wind and sparkling sun, it didn't take more than five casts or so until a nice +90cm pike was landed. I also ordered a bunch of these lures to our camp so hopefully we will have them available in our reception by the end of next week.

Tomorrow and Saturday will be spent on the water again on guided trips. Winds from east, 6-10m/s is what the forecast say for both tomorrow and Saturday so hopefully we can manage to catch some amounts and good sized fish these days!

// Daniel Wickman